Welcome to Ligiana FIT
At Ligiana FIT we believe women should feel great while trying to get greater. Why not have gym wear that will offer that? Ligiana FIT clothing is all designed by Ligiana FIT and made with LOVE in Colombia. Our clothing line is made with great quality offering you an amazing fit yet with a twist of fashion.
Ligiana FIT was started by Alexis a full time worker, mother and a fitness lover at night she could never find the right gym wear to fit her right or if it wasn't the fit it was the low quality she would over pay for. All her upbringing all she ever saw was her mother always wear gym wear with matching sneakers. She always drew stick figures with different designs created by her imagination and creativity. Alexis's imagination and creativity never left it involved into Ligiana FIT.
All her childhood inspiration was brought to her by her mother and grandmother being raised by a personal trainer and a beautiful spirited person that showed her the sky had no limits was her inspiration and still is to make her own brand. The name Ligiana FIT is the combination of both her grandmothers name Ligia and her mothers name Cristina were she added the na in results was her very own brand Ligiana FIT. 
Alexis always says don't quit and if someone tells you no you go harder and be greater. Don't forget to be you!